Tidal Group provides forensic auditing and investigation, intelligence gathering, research, analytical and security services to assist clients in uncovering facts and meeting their objectives.  Our services include:

  Forensic investigations

  • Criminal and civil matters, including:
  • Arson, fraud, theft,
  • Embezzlement and misappropriation of assets,
  • Audits, financial, corruption and regulatory investigations


   Insurance claims and risks

  • Fire, technical, liability, material damage and financial claim investigations.
  • Risk assessments prior to underwriting, including:
  • Fire risk, lightning protection risk and
  • Credit risk


   Dispute resolution

  • Litigation support in:
  • Business rescue, liquidations,
  • Commercial and technical disputes,
  • Family law matters.
  • Our services include:
  • Valuations, quantification of damages,
  • Expert opinion reports and testimonies


   Business intelligence

  • Research and analysis
  • Due diligence and valuations
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Employee and vendor screening


 Cyber security

  • Fraud prevention software
  • Computer forensics

  • Security audits
  • Electronic security
  • Guarding and access control
  • Executive protection
  • Asset recovery
  • Surveillance